Solar Home System

  • 90 Liter Fridge
  • 32″ High Definition TV
  • 16″ Fan
  • Radio
  • 2 x LED Bulbs
  • 2 x LED Tubes
  • Solar Flashlight
  • 5-in-1 Phone Charging Cables

Inverter air Conditioners

Gree air conditioners available in:

• Split type
• Window Type
• Portable
• Multi-split
• Solar hybrid
• Air purifiers and dehumidifiers


110V Portable Solar Power Bank

These portable solar power banks convert current from 12V to produce 110V power output. Great for charging electric scooters, drones, laptops, TVs and even mini fridges in areas without electricity.

• 110V Output x 2 outlets
• 60Ah large lithium battery capacity 
• Comes with 100W foldable solar panel
• Portable

Zero Carbon Emissions!

LED Solar FLOOD Lights

  • 100W including solar panel and remote control
  • Brightness adjustable, from to dim to very bright
  • Very portable, take it anywhere for use at night or install it as a security light
  • Automatic on at night/off in morning function


  • 100W  to 400W LED – super bright streetlights
  • With or without poles from 15 feet to 21 feet poles available
  • Simple to install – lightweight poles means erection is simple with 2 or 3 workers
  • Integrated lithium battery housed within the lamp body is better design for neighboring islands


Several types available: Harley-Davidson fat tire style, regular scooter style, 3-seater style, or compact/foldable scooter style

  • Removable, rechargeable batteries
  • Digitial display for speedometer, battery, etc 
  • Great for neighboring islands with expensive gas
  • Fat tires provide superb stability for riding on sand/beaches
  • 110V charger can be charged via inverter/solar setup
  • Speeds of 60km/hr and range of over 30 miles on single charge

Zero Carbon Emissions!

Electric golf carts

Large tires, charges on 110V power supply

customizable with options for seating capacity, storage, raincover, solar panel, bumper, folding windshield, ice box

Zero Carbon Emissions!

LED & Solar Lights

Can be found at MISCO MARKET, ULIGA

Solar Freezers

Most sizes of freezers available, however popular 315L unit has:
Solar power system
2 x 235W Panels (470Wp)
2 x 100Ah AGM Batteries (200Ah)
Battery box
Connection Cables
30A Controller

Fridge data
Net volume: 315L or 83 US Gallons
Average power: 85W
Certificate: CE. RoHS


High quality Standalone systems with quality deep cycle solar batteries and reputable, reliable, and efficient inverters and components.

Grid-tied systems also possible (if approved by local utility company) for applications that do not require battery systems. 

Solar Thermal desalination Water farms

Designed for atoll environments requiring robust materials and maintenance-free operation. Once installed, these systems can produce drinking water continuously without any human intervention for years. Tested and works well in the Pacific (e.g Kiribati, Fiji and now also at Majuro Coop School!)

synthetic thatch

  • Traditional appearance: identical to natural leaves
  • Environmentally-friendly materials and 100% recyclable
  • No leaf replacement or repair
  • No maintenance
  • Quick and easy installation process
  • 100% waterproof
  • wind-resistance to 106 mph
  • UV-resistant and fade-resistant


An environmentally-friendly asphalt-alternative polymer that can be used for outer island airports and roads. Unlike other polymers that require potable water and cement, Aggrebind does not require cement and can be mixed using salt water – a sustainable solution for any outer island civil works project. It is also used as a soil and subbase stabilizer.


AggreCoat Silver is an ionic surface sealer that uses Silver particles to eliminate SARS-CoV-2 from surfaces. Lab tests show 95% reduction in the SARS-CoV-2 virus within 24 hours. Read more about aggrecoat silver. Trialed implementation at the College of the Marshall Islands (CMI).