Maloelap Atoll Water Desalination Project

Project Overview

Maloelap Atoll was categorized as a drought-prone atoll located North of Majuro Atoll on the Ratak Chain. It has a population estimate of over 300 individuals spread out over the 5 island communities of Tarawa, Kaben, Airok, Wollot and Jang. In the local language, Maloelap means “Large Lagoon” and has one of the largest lagoons in the Marshall Islands with the 5 island communities spread out around its perimeter. Funded by the Republic of Korea, the project comprised three 5-panel carocell farms producing 90 gallons of daily drinking water for Tarawa, Kaben and Airok and two 5-panel carocell water farms producing 60 gallons of daily drinking water for Wollot and Jang island based on their populations. 

Based on the WHO standard of 2 Litres per day of drinking water per person, the systems on Tarawa, Kaben and Airok will produce sufficient daily drinking water for 180 people, while the systems on Jang and Wollot will produce sufficient daily drinking water for 120 people. The systems were designed with higher production capacities than the population to ensure over 100% water security and drought resiliency for the Maloelap community for years to come