Special Supply Solar Hybrid Air Conditioning and Solar Freezer Project

Project Overview

Special Supply is a wholesale/retail store located in Delap, Majuro. Special Supply owner Ben heard about our Energy saving products and wanted to install a solar hybrid Air Conditioner as well as a solar freezer to reduce his electrical costs. To ensure that indeed these would cost him nothing in electrical costs, he asked for us to install an energy monitor. Our monitor of choice was an Efergy meter which shows that Ben’s Air Conditioner is costing him less than $1 per day in utilities cost! It does help that Ben runs his Air Conditioner only when the sun is out, at the hottest parts of the day and not at night.

On the other hand, Ben’s solar freezer runs only on solar panels and batteries so therefore do not add to his utilities bill. This is where Ben keeps his supply of ice cream. Setting this freezer only to mid-level of cooling is sufficient to keep everything inside frozen, even when packed to the top.

The photos below show Special Supply’s solar hybrid AC, Solar Freezer and monitoring system.