Ministry of Education (MOE) Energy Audit

Project Overview

The Ministry of Education (here on referred to as MOE) consumed 1.96 GWh of electricity in the 2012 Fiscal year – a twelve month period from October 2011 – September 2012, at a total cost of approximately $980,000. This equated to an annual greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 1.7 Million kilograms (or 3.66 Million lbs) of CO2. An estimated breakdown of this energy consumption is shown in Figure A1 below.Project Outcomes

The audit of the Ministry of Health identified energy efficiency cost savings worth approximately $275,000 per annum. These savings represented approximately 45% of the energy that was used by the audited buildings (calculated at 2013 Government energy tariff of $0.50/kWh).

The graph below shows the percentage share of total electrical consumption per audited facility

The graph below provides a comparison of energy consumption from the audited MOE facilities

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings Potential Projects for MOE resulting from the Audit:



Cost to Implement



Cost Savings

Internal Rate of Return

Payback period

CO2- e avoided (lbs)


New 24,000 BTU A/Cs





 15 months



New 9,000 BTU A/Cs





 2.5 years



LED Light project





 1.5 years








 17 months