The systems not only provide adequate clean drinking water but also address hygiene and sanitation needs especially for women and children needing access to safe and clean potable water supply.
Hon. Ota Kisino
Wotje Atoll Senator, RMI Member of Parliment
Since the installation of the Solar Water Desalination units, we are noticing improved livelihood in terms of water supply for drinking, food making and other essential water related needs. On behalf of Maleolap Atoll (Mayor, council, traditional leaders) kommool tata to - Green Energy Solutions for the support, tireless commitment and efforts on our successful engagement.
Hon. bruce bilimon
Maloelap Atoll Senator, RMI Member of Parliament
It's very convenient for us locally, and Green Energy Solutions is the best service on the island for me and my family. Thank you so much!
Ninitha Note
Student Advocate, TRACC
College of the Marshall Islands
Sealed Deal, no back breaking, no sweats, best business ever!!!
Roseann Muller
Legal Assistant, Public Defender's Office
Aside from the financial benefits our organization gained from purchasing A/Cs and other energy efficiency products, at Green Energy Solutions they have technical people who can help you with any questions you may have about their products- ONE STOP SHOP service provider.
stevenson kotton
VP Business & Admin Affairs, College of the Marshall Islands
The Gree Air Conditioners installed here in the outer islands have performed very well so far with little or no maintenance. The units have provided stable functioning despite the exposure to the elements. Highly recommended!
Kenneth Fernando
Principal, Life Skills Academy and Former Jaluit Distance Education
Green Energy Solutions offers very efficient solar services at a very reasonable price!
Terry Keju
Former Small Island State Officer,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Excellent services around the Marshall Islands.
Project Manager, College Of The Marshall Islands