Wotje Atoll Water Desalination Project

Project Overview

A discussion in RMI Parliament in January 2022, wherein Wotje Nitijela Member Ota Kisino reported that Northern Islands High School on Wotje was running low on water supplies, triggered the inception of this water resiliency project. Wotje is one of the Northern Atolls within the RMI that is frequently affected by drought. Further, it has been noted that Reverse Osmosis (RO) units sent to Wotje by well-intentioned aid relief efforts are not sustainable because RO units require much maintenance and technician know-how to ensure maximum operational capacity. A simplier, longer-lasting resilient solution is Solar Desalination instead of RO – and this solution was selected by the Wotje leadership as the way forward to ensure long-term drought resiliency for the Wotje Community.

Based on the WHO standard of 2 Litres per day of drinking water per person, Wotje Atoll needed 90 gallons daily on Wodmej Island and 360 gallons daily on Wotje, Wotje of safe drinking water. Green Energy Solution was able to meet these drinking water requirements through the delivery and installation of 1x 5-panel system and 1×10-panel solar desalination system on Wodmej and 4x 15-panel solar desalination systems on Wotje, Wotje The systems were designed with higher production capacities than the population to ensure over 100% water security and drought resiliency for the entire Wodmej and Wotje community for years to come.