UN Office Solar System Project

Project Overview

The UN Joint Presence Office, Majuro consumed 13,619 kWh of electricity in the twelve month period from July 2015 – June 2016, at a total cost of approximately $5,293. This equates to an annual greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 11,576 kilograms (or 25,468 lbs) of CO2.


Since grid-connected solar was not acceptable to the local Utility company (MEC), the UN office opted for a 4kW standalone solar system to power only their critical loads. This required physically separating the office’s electrical loads into critical and non-critical loads. The solar system then powers the critical loads which includes the lighting and outlets. Non-critical loads comprised the air conditioning – with the notion that during power outages, fans would be employed to cool the office until the mains power returns.


The 4kW system has the following components:




250W Solar Panels


Aluminum Racking for 4kW of solar panels

1 lot

2V Exide Energystore 670Ah (C100) Sealed Deep Cycle Battery


Victron 5kVA Easy Solar: 48V Controller, Inverter and Charger all in one


BMV Victron Battery Monitor


Victron color display monitoring system


Fuses, Switches, Cabling, Power Points, Switches, Meter box, Battery Box, Conduit, MSB, Circuit Breakers

1 lot


Project Outcome

The 4kW installed system generates about 20kWh of energy per day or 7,300kWh per year, which is roughly half of the total required energy for the UN office