Maloelap Atoll Solar Freezer Project

Project Overview

In early 2022, Australian Embassy, Majuro through AUSAID’s Small Grants Scheme funded this innovative project on Maloelap Atoll. Green Energy Solutions was selected by Maloelap Atoll Local Government as the implementing contractor responsible for the installation, commissioning and training components of the project. The project saw the installation of five 315L complete solar freezer systems, and the training of 5 pairs of entrepreneurial Marshallese Business owners on the 5 main communities on Maloelap Atoll. Aside from basic training, these Business owners were also given high quality tools to be able to maintain and troubleshoot the solar systems in the long run. The main idea behind the project was sustainable development involving local entrepreneurs for financial sustainability and ownership, founded on the principles of social justice to improve the quality of life within the more disadvantaged neighboring Island communities. 

Business owners are our key sustainable development partners. They are able to sustain the costs of solar system operation, maintenance and replacements through entrepreneurial activity while at the same time sustaining their local communities with fresh and frozen goods therefore improving economic activity and the quality of life in general. And after a hot, sweaty day of collecting and manually processing coconuts for copra, nothing beats an ice-cold/Frozen Lukwōr (a treat made from the spongy germinated coconut seed mixed with milk and sugar). And now, yes you can enjoy such a treat as well as any other cold/frozen product on any of the remote communities on Maloelap Atoll – and we thank the Maloelap Atoll Local Government, Maloelap Atoll leadership and the Australian Embassy for making this possible – Koṃṃool tata!!