National Telecommunications Authority (NTA) Energy Audit

The National Telecommunications Authority’s (NTA) headquarter building located in Delap consumed 946MWh of electricity in the year 2014, at a total cost of $456,700. This equated to an annual greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 1.77 Million lbs of CO2. A major contributor to NTA’s energy costs was the large centralized chiller-type air conditioning, which accounted for 75% of their energy expenditure.

Project Outcomes

The audit of NTA identified energy efficiency cost savings of approximately $175,000 per annum by implementing two major energy efficiency projects that cost $61,950 in total. These savings represent approximately 38% of the energy currently used by the audited buildings (calculated at 2015 Commercial energy tariff of $0.406/kWh). These savings equate to greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 806,000 lbs of CO2. NTA proceeded with these recommendations in the subsequent years that followed.

The table below documents the savings potentials that can be achieved by targeting the two main energy consuming systems at the Center – Air Conditioning (accounting for 75% of total energy use) and lighting (3%) as well as improving system efficiencies by removing the step down transformers that account for losses of 1% of the NTA energy bills.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings Potential Projects

 ProjectCost to Implement[1]Savings (kWh)Annual Savings ($)Internal Rate of ReturnPayback periodCO2- e avoided (lbs)
1New Gree Inverter A/Cs $55,805[2] 398,000 $161,500 289% 4.15 Months 744,260
2LED Light project $6,145[3] 21,000 $8,600 140% 8.6 Months 39,270
3Removal of 4 step down Transformers $0 12,000 $5,000 – – 22,440
 4Efergy Meter $100
 TOTAL $61,950 431,000 $175,100 283% 4.25 Months 805,970

[1] Implementation costs are based on locally available equipment costs only (labor not included).

[2] Based on: $995 for 9kBTU; $1,295 for 12kBTU; $1,995 for 24kBTU Gree Inverter Hansol series cost

[3] Based on: $19.95 cost per standard LED 4’ Tube